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Sponsor Lucie Cincinatis

We all have a different way to find purpose and meaning. My way of finding meaning is through empowering others. Through nature and massage therapy, social work, and yoga. Whenever i can contribute to the happiness of others, i feel happy. For the last few years, i have organized treks in Nepal to raise funds for different social initiatives and support schools in the Himalayas. This year, I am co-organizing a trek that will benefit SOS Children's Villages, an amazing non profit organization that takes care of orphaned, abandoned and neglected children. I believe that every child needs a family to grow up, a loving home, and supportive community to develop positively, and this is what SOS Children's Villages is providing. I am happy and honored to contribute to SOS Children's Villages vision, so that more and more children in Nepal can be safe, healthy and loved.

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One year of care

for 10 children in an SOS family

A source of income

for 65 vulnerable families

Winter jackets

for 500 children


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