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Road to Ukraine

Since the conflict in eastern Ukraine broke out in 2014 more than 1,6 million people had to leave their homes and all their possessions. About 3,4 million people, of which 60% women and children, desperately need humanitarian help. More than 16.000 citizens have let their lives, thousands were injured. As a Ukrainian Belgian I am enormously proud of my roots, but these numbers are shocking. To those children I would like to offer my support.


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My name is Yaremma Vengrynovych. I was born and raised in Belgium, but I have Ukrainian blood on my mother’s side as well as on my father’s side. I am 23 and I am studying for business engineer at the KU Leuven. Every year I visit once or twice my very big family in Ukraine. In different parts of the country I noticed the enormous difference in living standards, even already in the Western part, hundreds of kilometres away from the conflict with Russia and where so many people desperately need help. Ukraine is a country that has so much to offer and that has such a huge potential to develop itself. Nevertheless, I notice that it is struggling a lot to get forward and to reach a full-fledged economic boost. I find this very difficult and hard for myself when I see this, especially when it concerns my homeland. For you this is something happening far away, but for me it is close enough to get there on my bike.

You understood it well: in September I intend to go on a biking tour from Belgium to Ukraine for a charity project. From my home here I travel to my home there. In 3 weeks’ time, 21 days, I will ride my own “Road to Ukraine”, about 2.200 km, just some hundreds of kilometres less than the Tour de France.  With this “Road to Ukraine” I intend to collect money for SOS-child villages Ukraine, for these young children who are raised or born in a family which has lost everything because of the war. Or even children who have lost their family. They do not start with equal chances in life and they are very vulnerable. Every child deserves the right to lead a normal youth, to grow up in good conditions and to be educated to become a decent human being. Every child deserves a minimal standard of living, the chance to get an education and to learn how to find later a place for themselves in this society. Without any help these children are lost before they can start real life. SOS children’s villages Ukraine mainly help in offering psychological and pedagogical support. They also provide humanitarian help and look for a safe shelter.

Every contribution helps to support this magnificent initiative. All contributions are integrally transferred to SOS children’s villages Ukraine and are immensely appreciated. Thanks a lot for your generous gesture.

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Kris: Super gedaan Yaremme !!

Willem: Heel veel succes met jouw prachtig initiatief. Hopelijk kunnen vele kinderen en gezinnen geholpen worden.

Emanuel: Geweldig initiatief Yaremma! Nog veel succes :)

Nadiya: Слава Україні. Ярема пишаємося тобою.

Lieselotte: Super mooi project! Veel succes nog 🚴

Union des Femmes ukrainiennes en Belgique : DON DE L'UNION DES FEMMES UKRAINIENNES DE BELGIQUE . ОУБ

Jan: Vanwege de familie Noppen/Kryviakina/Dmytrenko

Rosanne: Go go gooooo Yaremma!!!!!!

Christina: Молодець!  Браво!

Luba: Bravo Yaremma.💪💪💪

Kateryna: Гарний проект! Успіху!

Amelie: Zalig initiatief! Heel veel respect voor wat je onderneemt. Veel succes op je tocht!

Maryna: Go go go!

Sonia: Prachtig initiatief dat we heel graag steunen Succes Yaremma!

Steffi: Veel succes Yaremma!

Deborah: Go yaremma! ❤️💪

Andy & Vera: Veel succes!

Natalia: Дякую тобі за те, що ти робиш❤️

Guy en Nathalie: Go for it, we steunen je

Yves: Doet dat goed mijne jong, van Charly, Morgane en de papa

Barbara: Бажаю вам багато успіхів!

Vincent: Knallen man!

Sara: Veel succes Yarri!

Jan: Veel succes gewenst van ons allemaal!

Luc: Succes vanwege het ganse Haesaerts Intermodal Team !

Elmira&Dennis: Good luck on YOUR road to Ukraine !!

David: Go for it!

Dmytro: Bon courage

Luc: Succes vanwege het ganse Haesaerts Intermodal Team !

Bram: Mooi initiatief, veel succes!

Jasper: Toppppppeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr

Cédric: Top bezig makker! Keep up the good work & succes met je road to Ukraine

Peter: Good Luck Yarri! We’re so proud of you 👍🏼

Jens: Veel succes met jouw mooi project!

Koen: Mijn gelukwensen met je fietstocht Brussel-Kiev

Valentin, Halina, Zoriana, Jaryna: Heel mooi initiatief! Succes gewenst Yarema van Jaryna, Zoriana, Halina en Valentin Zawodny - Opar

Andre: Succes Yaremma!!! Van Ciska en familie

Roel: Succes

Koen: Leve Cercle tot in Oekraine

Kenny: Il devrait avoir plus de gens comme vous.

Michiel: Yarri, super project dat je steunt! Ik ben heel fier op u en smeer die beentjes al maar in! We gaan u met heel de vriendengroep steunen en aanmoedigen, zowel voor als tijdens je reis! Veel succes maatje!

Eva: Veel succes Yaremma!

Tetyana: Super initiatief! Пишаємось такими людьми!

Tjorven: Knappe actie, ik blijf volgen!

Joke: Succes Yarri!!! 💪🦾

Yaremma is cycling to Ukraine to help children in need. Do you want to support him?