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Personal appeal to support children in India

Hello friends, today, I come to you all with a request. A request to a cause very dear to all of us : our future, our children. India as you all know suffered a deadly second wave of COVID-19 earlier in the year. Children were the most impacted by this pandemic. Close to 30,000 children have lost a single parent and more than 3,000 have lost both their parents. These are children who are coming from families below the poverty line. Most of these children belong to families below the poverty line with less than $1 per day. That puts them in a very vulnerable situation and obviously they have with their limited means a very dark future.

Support children in India

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SOS Children’s Villages is an NGO active in over 135 countries since the second world war solely dedicated to the cause of protecting and providing for children. I had a good conversation with the representatives and I trust the work they do. Together with SOS Belgium, European and SOS Indian Chapters we are coming together to raise resources for supporting 30 such affected children who have suffered the loss of one or both of their parents and faced with extreme poverty and a dark future.

What is this fundraising actually for? As you know it has been widely recognized that the best care and the best chances of developing the potential of a child is in a family environment. The SOS Children’s Villages of India has developed a Kinship Care program and in this program children without parents are taken care full time until they become independent, self-reliant by their kin or relatives. The monies we raise through this initiative will provide support for the child’s most basic needs  - food, education (both the formal and informal), health and clothing. The children will be under the regular follow and under the watch of the SOS volunteers, the Co-workers  and the centres until they become independent.

To support 30 children for 1 year we need EUR 41300/- or approx. EUR 1400/- per child per year. The fund raise will help to support their needs for the next 1 year. Your contribution, coming from either Belgium, France,  Netherlands, Germany, Italy, UK, UAE or India, can be made locally so there is tax deduction in all these countries available. You can find the bank account numbers in the video below.

 Finally friends I believe the greatest gift one can give someone is  education. Education will give these children the means to be independent; the tools to contribute to society and most importantly the hope that their tomorrow will be better than their today. Together we have an opportunity to kindle a brighter future for these 30 children in need. When we rise up, when we stand up to support them, they will grow, they will flourish, and the darkness will be overcomed.  


We SOS Children’s Villages and myself will be most grateful for any help you can provide us and we thank you for your support. Namaste.

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Give children in India a warm and loving home

Support children in India